Pawfect Stories

Want a second, third…maybe a fourth opinion? Have a look at what some of our customers are saying about Pawfect Plate!

thumb_01_60_60Hazel L.


“Pawfect Plate treats are the best! Their treats are not only yummy but also healthy. When I open a bag of Pawfect Plate treats, my picky and sensitive pups always magically appear in front of me – sitting angelically like they deserve all the Bailey Bites in the world. Training them using these treats has become much easier as they are really focused on getting their reward. So please keep up the good work! We can’t wait to try all your other products!”


thumb_01_60_60Nikki D.


“ I feed my furbabies raw so automatically, the treats that I can give my shibas are limited. I’m so happy and I’m proud to have supported Pawfect Plate since the beginning because they provide quality and great tasting treats. Before they tried this one out I gave them store bought treats and they were “meh” about it. With Pawfect Plate it was different; whenever I took out even just the smallest bit of Pawfect Plate, they’d wag their tails and do trick after trick without me telling them to! It’s really the best and I’m so happy with the treats. I don’t buy others now.”


thumb_01_60_60Bernice C.


“I always say a little prayer of thanks every time I give my furbabies Pawfect Plate treats, it’s perfect for my raw-fed furries. They are so convenient for training and as alternative meal time food for when we are out. Mimi and Maxine absolutely loves all variants and go crazy for them. I don’t have to worry about upset tummies unlike when I was giving them processed treats. This furmom is a very happy customer.”


thumb_01_60_60Kath L.


“I want my dog’s treats to be every bit of healthy as her meals. It was a struggle finding a treat for her as she is a fussy eater. I always end up giving away bags of treats because she doesn’t like its taste or she doesn’t like it enough to finish the whole bag. That is why, I am so happy that I found Bailey Bites. Now, training her is easier and more fun as she looks forward to every training session. Thanks, Pawfect Plate!”


thumb_01_60_60Cybele M.


“My dog loves ALL of Pawfect Plate’s treats. We like to joke that all his decorum and training goes out the window when faced with his favorite Chicken Xanders. But on a serious note, we train quite a bit so having readily available all natural, all meat treats is a godsend!”


thumb_01_60_60Steven B.


“Thank you Pawfect Plate for providing us a better option for our treats. It is now easier for us to find a treat that we know is safe for our furbabies. Not only it is healthy, it is also considered as a high value reward and has helped us a lot in our training sessions specially in unlocking new tricks.”


thumb_01_60_60Michelle M.


“My boys are not picky at all…they’ll eat anything that will fit in their mouths BUT when I pull out that Pawfect Plate bag, their furry facial expressions go from “oh food” to “oh my goooooooodnessssss Pawfect Plate treats”, complete with wide eyes and lots of drool! Training has become exponentially easier with these treats and I just feel good about giving them. So much so that I often carry a bag in my handbag in case I just happen to meet a dog or cat throughout my day, haha!”


thumb_01_60_60Shelby P.


“Pawfect Plate treats is Scotty-approved. We had appetite issues before since Scott wouldn’t eat his kibble. Training was difficult since he did not took interest in “off-the-rack” petshop treats. We were glad to found something he anticipated during meal times and training in the Pawfect Plate treats ? Now that we’re constantly on the go, The PP Summer Stix are his go to snack. Just enough to fill his tummy and not too much to make him vomit during car rides ?”


thumb_01_60_60Caitline E.


“Great alternative to commercial pet treats. Our pets love them and they’re all natural too! We try to stay away from artificial additives so Pawfect Plate’s treats are a great tool to train our pets on the go! ? haven’t seen a pet turn his nose up on any variant even our pickiest eater.”


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