Why Dehydrated Pet Food/Treats?

Dehydration is one of the most natural and safest preservation methods used by our ancestors long
before technology came to be. It was used to naturally extend the shelf life of meat, fruits and
vegetables without destroying essential nutrients and healthy enzymes in food.

Contrary to popular belief, cooking actually kills most of the essential nutrients in food, while
dehydrated food retains most of these essential nutrients of the meat! Dehydrated food is simply just
food, i.e. meat with all of the moisture dried out of it. This also means, NO harmful and unnatural
ingredients, chemicals and preservatives are used to prolong the shelf life of meat! Your pets will only
get the most natural, flavorful and rich meaty goodness of food!

Do the Chicken Feet, Duck Feet and Duck Necks have cooked bones? If so, is it safe to feed our dogs cooked bones?

We all know that cooked bones may be bad for dogs because they can cause splinters. However, dehydration is different from cooking. When you dehydrate bones, you don’t necessarily cook it. The process of dehydration removes all moisture from the meat and bones, softening and pulverizing it in the process, thus making it safe for our pets to eat.

As an added benefit, chicken feet, duck feet and duck necks, in spite of how they look, is very healthy for dogs as they contain a good amount of calcium, protein and collagen; great for keeping healthy skin and bones as well as providing joint support for our canine and feline friends!

We do recommend supervising your pets when eating these treats. Some pets get too excited to eat our chews that they may forget to chew on them first before swallowing.

We also recommend these treats for pets 6 months and older.

What is the shelf life of Pawfect Plate’s All-Natural Pet Treats? How should it be stored?

Pawfect Plate does not use any form of harmful chemicals or preservative so our treats should be carefully stored like any all-natural human food inside your pantry or refrigerator.

Jerkies and Training treats (e.g. Chicken, Pork, Beef etc…)

While SEALED, our products will last for 12 months in room temperature; safe to store in a cupboard or pantry away from any liquid, direct heat and sunlight.

Once OPENED, if stored according to the directions, the product is safe until the expiration date as indicated on the packaging, though freshest within the first few weeks of opening. Storing inside the refrigerator’s chiller is an option if you choose to extend the freshness for up to 18 months.


CHEWS (e.g. Chicken Feet, Duck Necks, Duck Feet etc…)

While SEALED, our products will last for 6 months in room temperature – safe to store in a cupboard or pantry. Kindly make sure to keep our chews AWAY from direct heat or sunlight and away from any form of moisture.

Once OPENED, these treats will last for 1-3 weeks if sealed properly and stored in the chiller. If left in room temperature and not stored according to the directions, our all-natural chews will only last 2-5 days, as we do not use any chemicals or preservatives.

When and where are the treats produced prior to shipments?

As much as possible, we prepare the orders no more than two days prior to ship out date. Currently we are producing based on customer orders as well as order trends for online orders.


What couriers do you use and how long does it take for my orders to arrive upon shipping?


For regular shipments, Pawfect Plate ships your orders through either XSEND or FASTRACK, depending on which courier you prefer. We are also open to shipping with couriers like WWW Express and LBC or same day delivery couriers like LALAMOVE upon request.

For our Shopee store offering free shipment, Pawfect Plate ships via Ninja Van thru shopee.


Depending on the chosen courier, shipping within Metro Manila takes 1-5 days and if outside Metro Manila, shipping may take 3-14 days.

What does “COMPLETED” orders mean on your website?

As much as possible, we try to update you with regards to the status of your orders upon payment. We immediately send you the waybill or tracking number of your orders for your convenience as the website will automatically set your orders as “Completed” once it has already been shipped and or picked up by your preferred couriers. “Completed” doesn’t mean that you have received your orders, it just means we have already dispatched the package for shipping.

You may use this cheat sheet as a guide:

“On Hold” – for UNPAID orders (We will cancel your orders after 3 working days of inactivity.) nbsp;
“Processing” – for PAID orders that will be processed for shipment.nbsp;
“Completed” – for PAID orders that have been SHIPPED/DISPATCHED with the desired courier.*nbsp;

*There may be delays to the updates of our website depending on the website traffic. But we try as best as we can to keep everything updated in realtime.

Are Pawfect Plate’s treats available only online? If not, where else can we buy them?

We are available online:

  • Official website: www.pawfectplate.com
  • Shopee: @pawfectplate
  • Petwarehouse: www.petwarehouse.ph
  • BeautyMNL Wellness Section: beautymnl.com

We are also available in the following stores and vet clinics:

  1. King’s Road Veterinary Clinic and Services, Daang-hari Road, Cavite
  2. Dogs and the City Branches
    • DATC Trinoma
    • DATC Eastwood
    • DATC Ayala Malls Cloverleaf
    • DATC Ayala Malls The 30th
    • DATC BGC, Fort Bonifacio
    • DATC Serendra, Bonifacio High Street
    • DATC Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper Mckinley Hill
    • DATC SM Mall of Asia
    • DATC Robinsons Place Manila
    • DATC Binondo (Lucky Chinatown Mall)
    • DATC Greenhills (Shoppesville Arcade)
    • DATC Alabang Town Center (ATC)
    • DATC Solenad

But do keep a look out for our announcements as we will be pawpin’ up around the metro and more vet clinics and all-natural stores real soon!

If you are interested in reselling and or carrying our products in your stores and or clinics, do shoot us an email at treats@pawfectplate.com ! We’d love to hear from you.

Are these good for cats, too?

Yes definitely! Cats, being cautious animals, just need some time to examine and conclude that it is indeed food! We’ve seen this several times and find it funny how they would play with the treats first before actually eating them! As soon as they eat and get a taste of it, even kitties go crazy over our treats most especially our fish variants like the Anchovies!

Is there a feeding guide or it's all up to pet owners how they want to feed Pawfect Plate treats to their pets?

We always say, everything in moderation! That’s not just for our treats but life in general! For our treats, specifically the Liver variants, we recommend that owners be mindful of how much they’re feeding in one sitting. It’s very easy to get carried away, especially after seeing how our beloved pets go crazy for them!

Every pet is different but we would not recommend feeding an entire bag in one go.

What is it that repeat customers say they like most about your products?

Following are some responses that we’ve received:

“MY DOGGSS ARE CRAZZYYY for your treaattsssss!!!! I don’t think twice about giving it to them. I even tried them myself and I must say that they actually taste good”!

“My dogs NEVER eat treats until they have tried Pawfect Plate! They are now so motivated during training”!!

“My pets know where I hide their Pawfect Plate treats! XD”

One of the best feedback that we have gotten is that our treats, in spite of being the same variant that one of our client’s dogs supposedly is allergic to, did not trigger her dog’s allergies to the meat. Which lead her to the conclusion that it might not be the meat itself but rather, the ingredients added to the meat.

Most of our clients say how much their pets love the treats even the pickiest eater of the bunch would go crazy for our #pawfectlyhealthy snacks.

Any cut-off day for placing orders? Is the price inclusive of the shipping cost?

We ship every Tuesdays (Monday cut-off at 5PM) and Fridays (Thursday cut-off at 5PM.) Our prices are exclusive of the shipping costs to be shouldered by our clients.

You mentioned FREE SHIPPING AND CASH ON DELIVERY(COD) on your website and social media?

Yes, with the help of a third party app called Shopee, we do offer free shipping with a minimum purchase order of P500 pesos. Shopee also gives you the convenient option of paying via Cash on Delivery or COD. This means, no more hassle of going to the bank to deposit your payment. You just have to place your order and wait for your orders to arrive and make your payment right then and there.

How do I get Shopee?

For IOS users, you may simply download the shopee app from Apples’ App Store and for Android users you may download the Shopee app from Google Play’s Store. Once downloaded, simply install the app and create an account.

How do I order Pawfect Plate products from Shopee?
  1. Just search for our Shopee Store: Pawfect Plate.
  2. Select the products you wish to order and fill in the quantity.
  3. Click the cart in the upper right corner of your user interface.
  4. Proceed to Check out.
  5. Select your preferred shipping address and shipping courier.
  6. Select your mode of payment, Bank Transfer or COD.
  7. Wait for Shopee’s confirmation for your mode of payment.
  8. Once confirmed, you will be given regular updates for your orders in your “MY PURCHASES” menu.
  9. Wait for your orders to arrive conveniently at your doorstep.
  10. Confirm your orders once you have received them via the Shopee app.