It seemed like it was just yesterday when I told myself that I could never get a dog because of so many reasons. But now, I have two of them, I travel with them and even cook for them! I never imagined that, what seemed like a crazy idea of, wanting to provide my two pups healthier food options would result to the creation of Pawfect Plate All-Natural Homemade Pet Treats.

I used to be an advocate and believer of commercial dog food until my pup suffered from cancer and eventually died of liver failure. When we asked our vets and had him tested of what could have been the cause, the results stunned us because it was actually the food that he ate that led to his illness. This pup lived of commercial dog food all his life and it was too late for us to do anything. It was then that I promised myself that I will never let this happen again if ever I get another dog again.

Almost a year after he passed, I decided to get a new dog or should I say “new dogs” lol. This time I was ready with the research on home cooked meals. But with the breeder and vets’ inputs, I became hesitant to actually follow my gut and try for home cooked meals in fear of not being able to provide the proper and balanced nutrition that my puppy needs. So I still went for the kibble brand that our vet recommended. Later, I even decided to go for the top brands that rated at least 4-5 stars from an online website that rates dog food, just to make sure that they only gets the best food and nutrition.

As they were growing up, they seem fine; however, there never was a month when we did not visit the vet for some illness or allergy. In a span of a year, I switched their diet at least 6 times because of some allergy that we can’t seem to understand or pinpoint. But no matter what brand we fed them, one way or another, they will still regularly get hotspots or itches where they lose fur. A few months later, our vet had to leave the country, so she recommended us to a new vet who was an advocate of holistic pet wellness; hence, he recommended us to try cooking for them since all else was failing. It felt like a sign and so decided to look back at my old research about home cooked meals. Ever since we made the switch, we have not gone to the vet besides visiting for their annual booster shots. No more itching and scratching from hotspots and allergies!

And that was when it hit me, if home cooked meals could do so much for their skin and allergies, imagine what it could do to their overall health and well-being!

This is what reignited our passion and what drove our research and intent to start Pawfect Plate.